INI is a groupment of high tech small and medium size companies support by MOV'EO Cluster

Cumulative SME of INI groupment: 8
Cumulative employees : 940
Cumulative turnover 2013 : 90M€

Groupement INI en Europe Groupement INI dans le Monde

                               INI in Europe                                                    INI in the world

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The aim of INI is to gather technical competences in order to collectively answer to public calls to tender and to worldwilde public and private technological calls .

The main technological area of INI goes from sensors and transponders to mechanical actuators covering mechatronics, electronics and power electronics, computer science, signal processing, visual analytics and data processing fields. INI is also able to deal with mechanical integration (design, prototyping...)

Sectors of activity:

 - Transportation (automotive, mobility, aeronautics, naval vehicle, railroad car...) : on board equipments, research center equipments....
 - Luxury (cosmetics, perfurme, leather, jewellery...) : processing, digital display...
 - Sport : characterization of sports equipments, motion capture , bio feedback devices for traning...

 - Energy : equipment and sensors for NDT and  failure detection
Production / Factory (Automotive...) : Statiistical quality control, individual checking of devices, NDT, default detection, visual surface inspection, ...
Défense : drones, collection systems, decisios support systems (DSS)...


Examples of projects:

Innovative Intelligent products
  - Integration of digital technologies in prototypes and demo cars for automotive industry,
  - Intelligent Agricultural Machinery
  - Home automation control site,
  - Automated "taxi" mode for aircraft

Intelligent terminal sales and / or information
  - Virtual reality / Intelligent portails for retail or information ...
  - Advanced Real Time Diagnostic Tools to support sales
  - System management for multimodal mobility, ...
  - Geolocation of customers and management of retail point
  - Intelligent Displays / adaptive (public identification in front of an ads poster, ...)

Industrial and Plant Laboratory, or sorting sites (airports, ports, stations, ...)
  - Special machine for control quality (vision, NDT Eddy currents, ultrasound, various sensors and measurement systems ...)
  - Vision control, IR vision, X-ray
  - Special machine for intelligent sorting (luggage, fruits & vegetables, pearls, ...)

You are running a project in our sectors of activity and looking for partners please send a email to Thierry BAPIN : thierry.bapin@pole-moveo.org