In the digital world, the boundaries between traditional industry and internet companies are becoming increasingly blurred, and connectivity is opening up new business opportunities. In light of successively shorter product life cycles, major corporations such as Bosch must also address the issue of how they can become more agile – not only in corporate management but also in the development of physical products, software, and services.


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Asparagus field 2.0: scrum as the anchor of agile IoT development

As an example of agile engineering, we have been applying the scrum process in software development for many years, and have also begun using it in various IoT (Internet of Things) projects. With this method, we meet the new requirements of our customers and markets even better than we did before. Agile developments make sense in particular if the technologies or solutions for the development are still partially unclear at the outset, and if the requirements for a new product change over the course of time. Scrums are often possible without detailed targets, yet they still lead quickly to excellent solutions.

In just three weeks of development time, developers from different Bosch divisions used this method to create a connected sensor solution for asparagus growers. Data on temperatures in the asparagus beds are transmitted to a smartphone, so farmers can track temperature changes in detail. This helps provide optimum growing conditions and predict the best time for the harvest.



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