Actor strongly positioned on the banking sector, does not hide Softeam want to use the nice amount raised to finance new acquisitions and pursue its growth.
The company's digital services Softeam announced it has raised a nice amount, 20 million euros, "to finance future acquisitions." This actor will thus be able to continue its momentum. He had indeed already made acquisitions in 2014 with Genigraph (Genitech group), and especially in 2012, a company specialized in the financial sector, while twice as big, Cadextan.
Now strongly positioned in this financial sector, with over 750 consultants, Softeam from 21 million euros in turnover in 2011 to 63,000,000 in 2013. In 2015, 82 million were achieved, and the 100 million are targeted for 2016. The company employs 900 people. Besides its activity targeting the banking sector, Softeam also provides digital services (recast of website optimization campaign on social networks ...).

Customers include Société Générale and BNP Paribas. Two banks also participated in the announced lifting alongside LCL, Banque Populaire, and the BPI.

By Virgile Juhan, Journal du Net - 15 february 2016