29 février 2016

11 Internet of Things Predictions You Need to Know

This tech trend is growing fast. Here are a few ideas on how big it's going to be. If you follow tech news, you've probably heard about the Internet of Things, or IoT. It's essentially the addition of nearly everything around us -- cars, kitchens, factory conveyor belts, shipping containers, jet engines, and more -- to the Internet. Connecting all of these things to the Internet will allow us to collect and analyze data like never before and automate operations. Imagine having your washing machine order detergent for you.  The... [Lire la suite]

17 février 2016

Fintech: SSII Softeam raises 20 million euros

Actor strongly positioned on the banking sector, does not hide Softeam want to use the nice amount raised to finance new acquisitions and pursue its growth.The company's digital services Softeam announced it has raised a nice amount, 20 million euros, "to finance future acquisitions." This actor will thus be able to continue its momentum. He had indeed already made acquisitions in 2014 with Genigraph (Genitech group), and especially in 2012, a company specialized in the financial sector, while twice as big, Cadextan.Now strongly... [Lire la suite]
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17 février 2016

Concept Store by Samsung Business

On the walls, Samsung screens. Connected displays are now everywhere. In your pocket, your purse but also now in public areas. Can not do without. Learn more : http://www.samsung.com/fr/business/insights/news/the-concept-store-by-samsung-business
08 février 2016

Internet of Things- Threats and Thriving Analytics

Internet of things or internet of everything is a galaxy of digital devices forming a horizon by being connected to the internet. IoT ripples and driving forces are creating waves of opportunities and innovations along with risk and remedy challenges. IoT adopts an information ecosystem of electronic equipment, applications, systems and networks that are owned and operated by humans to enhance digital human life. Threats are undeniable facts that cause damage, destruction, disruption, danger and disaster in the field of information... [Lire la suite]