90% of companies consider themselves vulnerable on the security of their connected objects

According to AT & T report, "Cyber Security Insight Report," the risks regarding connected objects are rapidly increasing and the companies do not feel ready to face them. Overview in figures.

The US giant AT & T telecom conducted a survey on cybersecurity of objects connected with 500 decision makers in global companies with over 1,000 employees. The findings of this study show that if many of them have taken the turn of the Internet of Things, the safety of these new tools is cause for concern.

While 85% of respondents reported having implemented an IoT strategy, 90% of them do not feel reassured about the safety of their connected devices. Fleets of vehicles, industrial equipment and medical applications are at the heart of their concerns, as companies seek to secure both the devices and their data.

A number of devices increasing rapidly

32% of respondents said that their company has more than 5,000 connected devices, and two-thirds identify over 1000. The study says that by 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected to the network, and more than 50 billion including smartphones.
It is therefore understandable fears about the safety of equipment. Besides AT & T recorded an increase of 458% of applications for vulnerability audit on the last two years, a figure closer to the exponential increase in the number of services offered and prudits this still nascent market.

A quarter of safety budget dedicated to IoT
50% of respondents reported spending more than a quarter of their security budget to connected objects. The risk is even greater, as the study notes, is the role played by a unit within the IoT ecosystem that constitutes a threat to the company, more than information associated with this apparatus.
In conclusion, the report's commitment to the protection of objects connected a central issue of any strategy for development of IoT. A strong involvement of business leaders would triple the level of confidence of their employees in its cyber security.
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Source: www.usine-digitale.fr by Romain Gaillard.