Smart Cities between Datapolis and Participolis

When it comes to the near future of Humans on Earth, the future that our children will experience - and this is the subject of this essay - literature is obviously speculative and readily theoretical. Francis Pisani avoids this double trap with ease, which is what makes his work quite fascinating. How is it ? These intelligent cities in which several billion people will live one day, he saw the first, embryonic or already formed, in China, India, Asia, Latin America and Europe. As a journalist, he investigated on the spot, questioned the actors as witnesses, prioritized his information and cross-checked his sources, which he did not fail to mention. As a writer, he gathered the pieces of his puzzle and made it appear intelligence. The result is the description, in simple words and in a fluid logic, of what we are going to do - to manage the urban space in which we are going to live.

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Francis Pisani is a journalist.

This essay was published in March 2015 by l'Observatoire Netexplo.