There is not only one Big Data of Smart City but several ones.

Most of the urban operators have already or are going to launch Big Data projects thanks to the flow of collected information. Smart tourism is booming today : major touristic cities all around the world use digital to boost their attractivity. Paris&Co, the economic development agency of the French capital, encourages all these technologies to facilitate the orientation of the tourists in the French capital. Smart city connects the whole town to foreign tourists coming from elsewhere and having trouble to move or who don’t necessarly speak the language : for example, by a customization of the stays and thanks to applications such as WeguideYou or Meetrip, with which tour guides can be booked in advance in a way that the visits are organized to taste of individual cultural background.

In Rennes, for example, Big Data analysis are particularly used to optimize the networks of self-service vehicles available for users or to put in relation certain groups of the population.

In Spain, the BBVA bank realized a mini-site which analyzes the behaviour and the spendings of the foreign tourists during summer. At Santander, more than 20 000 sensors were spread in all the city: the mass of the information collected enables to develop around thirty applications, which offer to the citizens as to the tourists, an accurate information about everything that happens in the city.

One thing’s for sure : from now on, no journey without smart tourism.



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