Here is the first newsletter of INI, SME Cluster dedicated to the digital technology and big data.

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Newsletter #1



Here is the number 1 of the newsletter of the very first group of innovative companies from the worldwide automotive and mobility French cluster Mov’eo dedicated to the digital technology and big data named INI.
If 2016 dedicated the maturity of Big Data for all the economic sectors such as retail, insurance, bank, smart city… 2017 will be the year of the algorithm and its applications.
Indeed without algorithms Big Data is of no use.
From now, it is a question for those companies which understood the wealth of the data which they could collected to be able to give them some meaning and value.
Insurance, bank, automotive, tourism…all these sectors are concerned by this fundamental revolution which will allow the enterprises to develop new products and services.
That’s all part of INI, gathering 4 innovative companies which have developed over more than 20 years an experience in the Internet of connected objects and Big Data. INI aims to share its knowhow with all of these economic actors committed to the redefining of their “customer experience”.
So, let us wish to you all a very happy new year hoping that 2017 will dedicate INI as your future reference partner for your Iot and Big Data projects.

Michel Bodet, Sales Manager, Softeam, Member of INI



Water and Big Data: an alliance which should flow
The UN water report, published in 2015, is alarming: before 2030, the worldwide resource shortage of water (all consumptions included) would achieve 40 %. For companies and water managers of the networks of drinking water, the issues are highly critical: it is about to manage intelligently water ressources, fighting against the waste and water losses. It is one of the biggest challenges for Big Data today: [...]







Big Data, secret agent (or not) of the insurances
In the area of insurance, where data have always been the raw material to forecast and anticipate the risks, the advantage of Big Data is undisputable. Objective: know the customer as precisely as possible to price him the right insurance product the most adapted to his needs [...]




Big Data, the oil of the road transport
Data recording in transport vehicles has been coming on for a while: already in 1920, there was an embedded named device clock Aurorex capable to collect data during driving and rest times! The ancestor of Big Data of the 21th century. Today, a unique vehicle can be equiped with hundreds of sensors. So, in the United States, US XPRESS installed 1 000 sensors in every truck [...]







Smart cities, a key passeport for tourism
There is not only one Big Data of Smart City but several ones. Most of the urban operators have already or are going to launch Big Data projects thanks to the flow of collected information. Smart tourism is booming today : major touristic cities all around the world use digital to boost their attractivity [...]


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