From "click and collect" to "ship from store", the Internet invites itself in all strata of traditional commerce. Forced turning for some, opportunity for others, the integration of the Web is now inevitable.

Gone are the days when physical commerce stood at a distance from e-commerce! Here it is today caught up by the boom of online commerce. Most of the growth in the sector is currently driven by the "click and collect", which puts physical stores at the heart of the global dynamic of brands. While there are many signs of e-commerce, the road has not been easy for everyone. A leader in mail order sales throughout the second half of the 20th century, La Redoute is one of those who have radically changed their model with the arrival of the Internet. The brand to ten million customers today realizes 90% of its sales online and has become a model of adaptation. "The Internet has changed the relationship of our brand with the customer," explains Philippe Berlan, Deputy General Manager in charge of La Redoute's business. It has access to more information about products and deliveries and expects to be served in real time. "

Customer requirements are not diminishing, confirms Philippe Bianchi, CEO and founder of the omnican services platform Proximis: "Customers are very much ahead of the brands and are looking for ever more innovative services. "Expansion of the time slots, delivery on D + 1 or in 24-hour instructions ... La Redoute has for example set up many services to satisfy customer 2.0. "Delivery is a key point in our business of e-commerce," continues Philippe Berlan. The free and fast delivery becomes a means of comparison for the consumer. "

The store is integrated into the e-commerce value chain


Historical actors are not the only ones to take advantage of the possibilities of the Web. New concepts are embedded in integrating these issues. Comptoire de Campagne- formerly Conciergerie Rurale - skilfully combines physical commerce and e-commerce. A first shop opened in Champdieu, in the Loire, last February, with clear objectives: "Use modern marketing and communication tools to benefit local products and services," explains Virginie Hils, President of the young enterprise. The first establishment was chosen according to the size of the market, but also to prevent the closure of the post office of the village, which is now managed by the shop. It offers a whole range of services: grocery, shoe repair, pressing, ironing, alterations, snack service ...

The online shop, launched in September 2016, allows residents to order products they lack, and the store to limit stocks - an e-service area has also been installed in the shop to allow customers to place their orders, but also to print documents or access the Internet. And while the players in the traditional trade are not all as good students, new trends are in this direction. More and more brands today offer the return to the store of products ordered online. The "ship from store", or the dispatch of e-commerce orders from stores, is also on the agenda, explains the CEO of Proximis: "This service will inevitably happen in the distribution chains. But what is the deadline? "

By Camille Prigent, / February 13th 2017