Blockchain, artificial intelligence, security, partnership with FinTechs ... The banks are working on their digital transformation. However, the risk of uberization does not seem to be the sting of these great maneuvers. Testimony of HSBC France.

"Energize the company without dynamiting the existing".

HSBC France confirms this at first sight. Its increased orientation towards customers is thus "in support and in agreement with these FinTechs". The bank works with a French aggregator of bank accounts: Linxo.
The aim is to "learn and work with them, in partnership, to understand how to evolve customer relationships. This is truly how to take advantage of this transformation to live it as an opportunity", explains Pierre Ruhlmann.
But this change in finance is not only based on new partnerships and the use of digital solutions. The human factor plays an essential role, whether it be governance, change management or simply skills.
The manager of HSBC France confirms this. The bank thus wishes to implement a more transversal organization of work, "with much less hierarchy", which is not a thin one to do in historically "very silotated (...) vertical" structures. Intermediate management, "with a very perimetric view of things" is primarily concerned with this decentralization.
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