Each day, more than 10 millions of people, travelers and visitors, cross the SNCF station platforms. Interactive kiosks, travel information systems but also management and maintenance of stations and reams...SNCF bets more than ever on the digital strategy. At first to optimize the movements of the travelers in station, so to offer them the best services while maximizing the generated sales. The project, named Magnolia, aims at understanding better the flows of about two billions of travelers passing in transit every year, by 3 029 stations, by studying the connexions with other means of transportation (taxi, buses, self service bikes,..).

Thanks to the data generated by courses visitors in stations, the SNCF(FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY) can also know if the traveler passes by businesses or if he goes directly towards the exit.

The SNCF put also on Big Data to set up an effective preventive maintenance. A real challenge for the suburban parisian trains: it is not only about a remote diagnostic of the breakdowns, but also to predict them each 30 minutes.

Data, which yesterday, were analyzed in a manual way to identify the technical problems and to activate the operations of maintenance, will be automated tomorrow, thanks to a real time vision of the global state of the material.

The system, which should be functional at the end of this year, uses an engine of predictive analysis (Machine learning), led to learn the scenarios of failure of trains by crossing the data of functioning and those of the exploitation.