Data is everywhere especially in E-commerce. Big Data is now a tremendous springboard to personalize the customer relationship.

Amazon is the first one which has invested in Big Data. The IT colossus and the associated services have considerably changed the environment of the French distribution but also at a worlwide level too : considering the prices competition, the Internet trafic, the customer behavior, the supply chain optimization …Amazon is the undisputed leader in the dynamic pricing gestion and the supply chain.

Essential basis for the new predictive marketing, Big Data has become a formidable weapon for competition. Far more than a targeting advertisement, new technologies allow the implementation of real time actions : we can today anticipate customer’s needs and push to them relevant offers suitted to their profile. Structured data (user behavior, ordering history,registration form) but also non structured ones (web analytics, social networks), are so many data that enable you to have a global 360° customer vision. But, in order to be effective,  such new strategies of customer retention have to be quick because client needs and wishes are changing regularly.

In the heart of this international customer on line experience management, the british start-up Qubit has raised fundings for 40 M of $ to optimise its solutions of data analysis connected to the customer experience for e storekeepers.