Thanks to evolved systems of counting and thanks to new technologies of measurement, the network managers of electric distribution can follow at time T the specificities of the consumption at various scales, whether it is at a country level, or at a region area or at village level. ERDF made its first steps in "smart grids" ("Intelligent" said distribution network of electricity) with the intelligent meters Linky with which all the French households will be equiped by 2020. Counters communicate data every ten minutes, that is 1 800 billion recordings stored every year by the distributor!

All these data are stored in a System of Treatment of Measures ( STM), the real warehouse of the data for the electricity supply, which supports a strong diversity types of data (measures, meteorological data, description of the network, etc.).

The technologies of Big Data allow to intervene on the electrical distribution system itself too.

GE Energy, Alstom, Siemens or still Schneider Electric spread Big Data infrastructures which collect the data streaming from equipments of distribution. Objective: optimizing the electrical distribution according to the request. Smart Grid also allows to reinsure the network against possible hazards, particularly climatic one .

At our Italian neighbors, the deployment of the intelligent meters was launched from 2001 by the main distributor of electricity, Enel, with a main vocation: fight against the fraud, very important in the country.

By INI consortium/ October 2017