70% of consumers now use their mobile in stores.

Locate a store, consult reviews or compare prices ...: the mobile is today become indispensable to the consumer even in his journey offline purchase. To better understand the role and increasing impact of smartphone in store, the MMA has just published its Guide to interactions mobile point of sale.

Two years after its first edition, the Mobile Marketing Association France announces a major update to its Point of Sale Interaction Guide. "70% of consumers are now using their mobile in stores. In this guide, traders can discover the latest technologies, optical or radio, to interact with consumers. But this publication offers them, above all, a real user manual for accelerate the digitalization of their point of sale with an important focus on management of personal data at the dawn of RGPD 2018. " - explains Anh-Vu Nguyen, head of the working group "Mobile Interactions in point of sale "at the MMA.

In addition to an overview of different technologies (NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi, recognition image, QR code and now VLC) and use cases available to traders, the guide proposes a new legal section: Maître Thomas Beaugrand, lawyer at the Staub & Associés, partner of the association, shares its vision of the legal and consequences of the GDPR on the collection and exploitation of data. "The power of e-commerce giants today rests on data exploitation and traditional traders can also benefit to better understand their consumers, optimize organizing their point of sale or maximizing their sales".

However, this requires a clear understanding of the new legal framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018), distinguishing between 
clearly the good and the bad practices in terms of collection and data exploitation. "Adds AnhVu Nguyen. 

This guide was produced by member companies of the Mobile Marketing Association France: Atsukè, EzeeWorld, Fidzup, SLMS, Snapp '& userADgents, with the support of the AFSCM, the law firm Staub & Associés and thanks to the support of BNP Paribas and Hello bank!