INI is a groupment of high tech small and medium size companies support by MOV'EO Cluster

Cumulative SME of INI groupment: 4
Cumulative employees : 900
Cumulative turnover 2014 : 90M€


The aim of INI is to gather technical competences in order to collectively answer to public calls to tender and to worldwilde public and private technological calls .

The main technological area of INI includes Internet of things and big data analytics from sensors,transponders to mechanical actuators covering mechatronics, electronics and power electronics, computer science, signal processing, visual analytics and data processing fields.

Activity: Design, production and database integration for the production of high value-added services

Among our sectors of activity:

 - Digital retail and Luxury

 - Banks and Insurance


- Smart City

 Download our presentation in french :Presentation_INI____2016_court