07 mars 2015

How a Takeoff in Advanced Robotics Will Power the Next Productivity Surge

How a Takeoff in Advanced Robotics Will Power the Next Productivity Surge from The Boston Consulting Group Robotics are quickly approaching an inflection point in usage and are being adopted in new industries. This deck highlights key findings from BCG's research the shifting economics of global manufacturing and the role that advanced robotics will play.
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28 janvier 2015

The Connected Car Will Be Commonplace Before 2025

The Connected Car of the future, made of self-healing materials, social media connected and communicating, Wearable and IoT compatible is more or less already here. IBM released a study, “Automotive 2025: Industry without borders,” amassing interviews with 175 executives from automotive OEMs, suppliers, and other leaders in 21 countries and found that by 2025 cars will be able to learn, heal, drive and socialise with other vehicles (V2V) and their surrounding environment (V2I). “By 2025, the industry will not only recreate our... [Lire la suite]
10 juillet 2014

Cobomanip : A 100% French collaborative robot

In terms of automation of its SMEs, France is lagging behind its European neighbors. It is also far from being able to offer industrial robots 100% French. But a collaboration between CEA-List and Sarrazin Technologies could change that. En matière de robotisation de ses PMEs, la France est à la traîne par rapport à ses voisins européens. Elle est également loin de pouvoir proposer des robots industriels 100% français. Mais une collaboration entre le CEA-List et Sarrazin Technologies pourrait changer la donne. Read more:... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2014

These magnetic fields that control ultra efficient robots will revolutionize the industry

Robotics is a very broad area that is now to make a leap forward. Combining tiny robots to magnetic fields, it is now possible to achieve very precise high-speed operations and lower COST. La robotique est un domaine très vaste qui vient aujourd’hui de faire un bond en avant. En combinant de minuscules robots à des champs magnétiques, il est maintenant possible de réaliser des opérations très précises à grande vitesse et à moindre coût. Read more: ... [Lire la suite]