The Connected Car of the future, made of self-healing materials, social media connected and communicating, Wearable and IoT compatible is more or less already here. IBM released a study, “Automotive 2025: Industry without borders,” amassing interviews with 175 executives from automotive OEMs, suppliers, and other leaders in 21 countries and found that by 2025 cars will be able to learn, heal, drive and socialise with other vehicles (V2V) and their surrounding environment (V2I).

“By 2025, the industry will not only recreate our highly personalised and digitised lives inside our cars, but also give consumers a bigger role in defining that experience, whether as a driver or passenger.” said Alexander Scheidt, Global Automotive Industry Leader of IBM’s Global Business Services in a statement.

Like other smart devices, the Connected Car will become an integrated, connected component in the Internet of Things (IoT). It will collect and use information from multiple sources concerning traffic, mobility, weather and other events associated with moving around: details about driving conditions, as well as sensor-based and location-based information for ancillary industries, such as medical, insurance and retail.

Seventy-four percent of respondents said that the Connected Car will have cognitive capabilities to learn the behaviours of the driver and occupants, the Connected Car itself and the surrounding environment to continually improve, optimise and advise. As the vehicle learns more about the driver and occupants, it will be able to expand its advice to other mobility services options for example

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